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Don’t Stop Savouring the Summer Yet!


Sometimes parents can feel like they’re running out of ideas for their kids in August.

Hey, everyone! Happy August to you! Even though there may be signs of September and the beginning of another school year, I’m here to shout, “Not yet”!

Don’t stop savouring the summer yet!

Perhaps take this opportunity to explore something new, whether it be an adventure, an experience, a food or a sport or activity.

Are you tuckered out, though, from the seemingly endless energy from the children, the weather (too smoky, too hot, too rainy…), plus late nights with not enough sleep for all family members? Often, adults and children alike, by August, struggle with being inspired or creative, and questions like: “what can we do today?”, “what can we eat today?”, “where can we go today?”, erupt as soon as eyes open.

A Smorgasbord of Options

I like a smorgasbord of options from which to choose, to suit the day or mood I may be experiencing.  This blog offers a variety of links to inspire you, as well as offer a brace, boosting you up, acknowledging those moments of difficulty of being a parent. 

Some of the links which are suggested below are clearly parenting-focused and some may seem a bit distant from the topic, yet, trust me, it will influence how you go forward and interact with your children.

The topic or discussion in the link may be like a mind vacation, releasing pent up parenting frustrations. Some links may be like an excursion inviting new experiences to refresh and lighten your outlook on life – and they all contribute to bringing you to being your finest self, ready to tackle the next preposterous happening arising from life.

The first offering is courtesy of Canadian musician, Danny Michel. His song, “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself”, reminds us to first be kind towards ourself. I hope you sing this song out loud and dance around while you do – and feel the message deep in your bones!

Artistic/Creative Ideas

Maybe you’re looking for artistic and creative ideas? Check out the next links to satisfy the variety of interests of your children., featuring:


Next, take a plunge and explore the variety of parenting topics in Dad Central, or dive into the offerings from Katherine Martinko, mother, in a bunch of venues (cooking, screen time strategies, baby screen time, blog).

 All About Birds

And, finally, add an app, Merlin Bird ID”! The whole family can become aware of the bird song around them, pause to listen, and gain knowledge of which bird is singing by activating the recording feature which identifies birds by their song.

Savour the days of August in Muskoka influenced by a different idea with fewer biting bugs, less humidity and ample parks, beaches and trails to explore.