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Brene Brown – Rising Strong


Are you looking for resources on your parenting journey?

September is a busy time of year for many people and it can be especially busy if you have children who are starting or returning to school.  For me it also means the start of a very busy time for work with new and exciting offerings of parent education programs and the start of a new program year for another position I hold.

I tend to find myself overwhelmed and often feeling alone, especially when it comes to managing the day to challenges of juggling the needs of my children while also maintaining a house and dancing around in various work roles.

I’m notoriously unskilled at asking for help and try to do it all myself, I’ve been described as fiercely independent which I’ve come to realize isn’t always the best option.  I’m quick to offer help but unlikely to want to accept it. This may ring true for you as well…

The universe seems to work in interesting ways though, I started listening to an audio book on the recommendation of a friend and I’ve since been listening and relistening to it.  It has really helped me confront my fiercely independent tendency by giving me the tools to root around and see where that is coming from.

This book has started some deep self reflection that has allowed me to see the true strength lies not only in helping others but in also being able to accept help that is offered and needed.

There are many other poignant and helpful points in this book as well but this part of the message is what has truly resonated with me.

If you are looking for a wonderful book to either read or listen to I deeply encourage you to give Brene Brown’s Rising Strong a try!

Your local library is a great place to find this book, either in print or in audio format.