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Adam Grant - Rethinking

Adam Grant – “Rethinking”


Are you looking for resources to assist on your parenting journey?

“Embrace the joy of being wrong” is a quote from Adam Grant. Adam’s current book “Think Again: The power of knowing what you don’t know”.  It has given me pause to re-consider many things I thought I knew.

This ability to be wrong, change your mind and continue to grow is a great approach to parenting.  Many of us were parented in ways that did not serve us well.

Another quote is “Listen to ideas that make you think hard, not just make you feel good”.  In that spirit, my summer parenting resource offer is found in both book form (including audio) and podcast called “Rethinking” .

As a parent, I especially enjoyed episode #3 with Ash Brandin – talking specifically about video games.  Quick – what was your first thought when you read video games??

Enjoy your summer.  I hope you have a chance to be curious and think about something differently.