Muskoka Family Focus and Children’s Place Field Trip and Neighbourhood Outings Protocol


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Date: February 24, 2020

Program Manager

Programs Manager
Date: February 24, 2020

All employees, volunteers and students will ensure that the children are safe and accounted for at all times while on a field trip or neighbourhood outing. If there are not enough adults to maintain outdoor ratios and all other guidelines listed below, then the trip will be cancelled.

  1. All field trips and outings must be approved by Program Supervisor, considering the dynamics of the group prior to the day of the trip/outing. If it is more than a neighbourhood walk (ie: trip to the beach, bus trip, etc.) then a separate permission form will be filled out and signed by the children’s parents at least one week prior to the event. Neighbourhood walks are covered by the parent’s signature on the registration form.
  2. The Program Supervisor will complete a Trip Description Form and submit to the Program Manager one week prior to the field trip. (Lee Ann will give a copy of the form to Jenn/Admin Office.)
  3. Only regular employees may take children off the premises alone, not relief staff. Relief staff may be counted as the second employees with the whole group at the discretion of the Program Supervisor.
  4. The cell phone along with emergency information for each child, first aid kit, attendance form and any necessary medications must be taken on the trip/outing. If a group already has the cell phone booked, employees may still chose to go on the trip/outing and take their own cell phone. This must be clarified with the Program Supervisor and the cell phone number left at the centre.
  5. Children will wear a ‘daycare trip t-shirt’ over top of their regular clothing for easy identification.
  6. Whenever possible, always strive to take an extra adult as opposed to going alone on an outing. This will be determined by discussion with centre supervisor.
  7. Organized field trips (trips requiring a permission form) are not permitted with only one employee, child:adult ratios must be met at the discretion of the Program Supervisor.
  8. Volunteers and students (MFF and parent) are encouraged for all trips/outings and must be included in being aware of how many children are present. This protocol should be given to the volunteers and students prior to the trip/outing with an opportunity for discussion if necessary.
  9. Rules and expectations should be explained very clearly to the children, as well as volunteers and students prior to the trip/outing.
  10. On an organized field trip, each adult will be assigned their own small group of children to be responsible for, but should remain part of the bigger group lead by a regular employee. The regular employee organizing and going on the trip will keep a master list of all the extra employees, volunteers, students and parents along with the children they are responsible for.
  11. Children must be counted and attendance must be taken at the following times:
    1. As they leave the centre
    2. After they board the bus (before the bus leaves)
    3. After they get off the bus
    4. Regularly during the trip at all transition times
    5. When they re-board the bus (before the bus leaves)
    6. After they get off the bus back at the centre
    7. Once back inside the centre
  12. All counts should be done by 2 regular employees and all adults asked if they have their specified children accounted for already. After the trip is over and before the bus leaves, one regular employee should do a walk through checking seats and floor for anyone or anything that may still be on board.
  13. Volunteers and students may not be given sole responsibility for a child.
  14. Children must be supervised at all times and never left alone including in a washroom or dressing area.
  15. Children who require medication (ie: Epipen) must always be carried by a regular employee, not a volunteer. The child with an Epipen and/or other medication for a life threatening condition will be included in the regular employee group.
  16. Swimming at Public Beach
    1. Life guard must be on duty
    2. Up to 20 senior age children
    3. 2 employees in the water
    4. 2 employees on the beach
    5. I extra staff to ‘float’
    6. *any other volunteers and students that may be available
  17. All of the above applies to summer school age programs as well as:
    1. Radio is 1:8 (less is desired)
    2. If applicable, call ahead to the Town who may provide extra lifeguards
    3. The children perform a swim test
    4. Children 6 and under must wear a life jacket regardless
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